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Carpet Cleaning
Powerful steam cleaning thoroughly cleans grease, dust, spills and soil.

Upholstery Cleaning
Sofa cleaning, loveseats, chairs, dining room chairs and most any type of fabric.

Carpet Repairs and Stretching
Stretching carpet eliminates rippeling, improving the appearance of a room.

Deodorizing & Odor Control
We remove musty pet odors, smoke and other difficult to remove smells.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Our tile and grout cleaning system can clean restores your grout and tile by removing tough buildup of soils.
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Many professional carpet cleaning companies employ the cleaning method called "hot water extraction", or as it is more commonly known: "Steam Cleaning". However, steam alone does little to clean but is simply a by-product of a very hot cleaning solution that is sprayed out of a carpet cleaning tool at high pressure. What makes steam cleaning so effective is the result of the flushing action that occurs when a heated cleaning solution is forced through the carpet's fibers, removing soil and other contaminants which are then extracted by a powerful engine driven vacuum. If done properly the carpet is left only damp to the touch and and will dry generaly in about 4-5 hrs depending on the style of carpet, how heavily soiled it may be and the relative humidity.
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The steam cleaning method is by far the most effective method for both commercial and especially residential carpeting. It leaves carpets cleaner for a longer period of time and helps prevent premature wear by removing soils that other methods cannot. It's the hot water extraction method (Steam Cleaning) that is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers. Our thorough cleaning process gives our customers the best quality cleaning available and makes it possible for us to offer a 30 Day No Spots Guarantee.* We will schedule an appointment to assess and resolve any concerns you may have.
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* Cleaning guarantee - We will reclean 30 days from date of service performed. Not every problem is correctable and some stains may be permanent.
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  • Safe Cleaning - No Harsh Chemicals
  • Pre-treatment of Spots and Stains
  • High Temperature Low Residue Cleaning
  • Powerful Moisture Extraction = Fast Drying

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